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    This is a couple days old but about the most exciting news we get up here in Maine. Apparently the crazy bastard survived for 27 years out in the woods. Now that he gets internet in jail he should fit right in here.

    A slew of unexplained robberies gave rise to a local legend in central Maine: the North Pond Hermit.
    Every so often, under the cloak of night, a mysterious man holed up in the woods would descend upon camps to steal supplies and food, according to legend.
    But with the arrest of Christopher Knight, the myth of the North Pond Hermit has been proven true, police say.

    Knight, 47, ventured into the central Maine woods in 1986 — two years after graduating high school — never to fully return.
    "He claims he hadn't had a conversation with another human being since the mid-1990s when he encountered someone on a trail," Maine State Trooper Diane Perkins-Vance told the Kennebec Journal. "I was the first person he talked to since the 1990s. People are like, 'No way!' But yeah, it's true."
    He claims to have committed roughly 40 burglaries per year for the past 27 years.

    "I would say it's well over 1,000 burglaries," Perkins-Vance said. "He did it to survive. Everything he stole was to survive."
    But Knight's luck ran out last Thursday when he tripped off a game warden’s surveillance system while stealing food from the Pine Tree Camp for children with disabilities in Rome. He estimates that he stole thousands of dollars' worth of meat, beer, coffee and supplies. He claimed to have stolen all of his food.
    Knight expressed a general interest in hermits and a love for "Robinson Crusoe" but offered no other rationale for his perplexing lifestyle.

    "He didn't give a reason," said Perkins-Vance. "He said he frequently asks himself that same question."
    Sgt. Terry Hughes of the Maine Warden Service is astonished that Knight did not return to society for shelter during the winters, when temperatures can drop far below zero.
    "I couldn't fathom why he has done what he has done," said Hughes. "To maintain his position is phenomenal."

    On Tuesday, Knight led police to his well-maintained campsite. He had a tent, radio, bed, nightstands and propane stoves, among other luxuries, reported the Kennebec Journal.
    Knight is being held at Kennebec County Jail where he is being held in lieu of $5,000 cash bail. He faces burglary and theft charges.

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    what, wait, he stole beer from a special needs kids camp?


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      Apparently they know how to have a good time.