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big hail too late

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  • big hail too late

    June 17 I had a roofer here , gave me the quote to reshingle the crib 11,600 Canuck dollars . Sunday we got big hail so I thought Right On the insurance company can help pay for my roof . I already gave the roofer the go-ahead but now the insurance company has his competition coming over the quote the job . I expect they will figure out the shingles were already worn out and I am only gonna get a bunch of bad karma . the policy is a 2000 dollar deductible for hail .

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    Hail Hail the gangs all here.


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      Christ! What a loser.


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        Is the insurance company themselves coming over to look at the roof, or are they sending another roofing company? If they are just sending another roofing company to quote it, there is no way the company they send will rat you oot. They want the business. They'll just look at the roof, and send a price to the insurance company. I doobt very much that they will comment on the condition of the shingles.


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          Any insurance company worth their salt has an established claims contractor they use. Plus they usually send their rep out to have a look see. I think he's fucked. They look for ANY reason to fuck you. It's not like it used to be.