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Great Britain ahead of the game

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  • Great Britain ahead of the game

    Good. Basically states that refugees lose automatic right to resettlement after 5 years and all cases reviewed to see if its safe to return to their own countries

    Asylum policy guidance on refugee leave.

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    That's been the case since 2005.


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      But revised today


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        Yeah, I'm not clear on what the revisions actually are, but since 05 there has been the 5 year probation period followed by an application for indefinite leave to remain. Doesn't seem to have made the news anywhere over here, how did you come across it? Getting ready to flee Trump?


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          cutest thing I've seen on the web in a while. British? girl gets her first tooth pulled with the doorknob and string gambit.


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            Confirmed British. The cushions are a dead giveaway, plus the accents and dental procedure.

            Regarding the OP it did make a few news outlets, biker was just ahead of the curve. The difference is reviewing whether the country they came from is now safe to return to has become a required box to tick rather than just an option in refusing permanent leave along with criminality etc. I doubt it's going to make that much difference beyond the extra paperwork, few places bad enough to spit out refugees are going to sort themselves out in 5 years.


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              Ain't no Sunnis going back to Syria as long as Assad & Putin are running things.