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Trump welcomes government jobs report he once derided

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    Originally posted by brasspair View Post

    You already were dumber when you posted bullshit about libs and education. I pick two of Conservative education's(now there's an oxymoron if ever there was one) favorite topics and you basically "don't give a shit". Wallow in your ignorance and before you complain about libs being the only educators out there think on why that is: cons aren't about education and thinking, only being told what to think. Just look at your buddies, like upChuck.
    So bitter. Lolz.
    You really should try to foment a more pleasant attitude. The passengers in your cab would appreciate it I'm sure.


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      Originally posted by AnalHamster View Post
      Ain't no doubt y'alls skools is stoopid. Doesn't seem so much a left right thing though. The left typically supports leaving bad teachers in place, which is part of the problem, but I don't see any viable fixes proposed from the right. Vouchers so some kids can go to better schools doesn't address the bad schools problem, and trying to prevent teaching about sex and evolution is just extra dumbness.
      Add to that the bureaucracy that requires a certain pass percentage to get funding so you lower the bar to keep the green flowing in.
      Force shitty federal testing 160 out of 250 days of school that once again is tied to funding, so teachers concentrate on rote memorization for the tests.

      It pretty much comes down to bureaucracy. Schools should be local, but their administration starts at the federal level.
      You give a good teacher a pencil and paper, plus the freedom to teach, you'll have well-rounded, educated kids.
      You tell the states, counties, cities, towns how they are supposed to teach the kids based on the shittiest of performers in the nation, you'll have a whole nation of shitty performers.


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        Originally posted by CHEEZY08 View Post
        I got nothing, so I'll just hurl a tired old insult and hope no one remembers the topic.
        We know. Conturds can't help it.