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State Dept. seeks to keep Russian diplomat's cause of death private

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  • State Dept. seeks to keep Russian diplomat's cause of death private

    State Dept. seeks to keep Russian diplomat's cause of death private


    Medical Examiners Told Not To Release Cause Of Russian Ambassador's Death

    The State Department asked the New York Medical Examiner not to publicly release information about the cause of death of Russia's ambassador to the United Nations.

    Vitaly Churkin died unexpectedly in New York last month, one day before his 65th birthday.

    "In order to comply with international law and protocol, the New York City Law Department has instructed the Office of Chief Medical Examiner to not publicly disclose the cause and manner of death of Ambassador Vitaly Churkin, Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations," Office of Chief Medical Examiner spokesman Julie Bolcer said, according to New York Times reporter Michael Grynbaum.

    "As outlined in formal requests from the United States Department of State, Ambassador Churkin's diplomatic immunity survives his death. Further questions concerning this matter should be directed to the United States Department of State."

    [QUOTE]State Dept asked NYC Medical Examiner not to disclose cause of death of Russian UN ambassador who died last month

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    I heard there were fake tan smudges on his neck in the shape of tiny little hands.


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      What State Dept? There isn't one under Tiny Hands.


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        At this point, the State Department has just enough funding for Tillerson and his secretary, and even they're in the dark. "Oh, the Mexican foreign secretary is in town? What? When did that happen? Well, that's OK. He's meeting with Bannon, and Steve just loves foreigners."


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          Maybe cause of death was related to a YouTube video


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            I'm thinking that the "request" to not release would have come through diplomatic channels from the Russians. Doubt if it's some sort of coverup from our State Department.

            Friggen' U.S. is in the midst of one big Conspiracy Fetish. The X-Files was a T.V. show. Not reality.


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              It's an odd one, since he seems to have just died of being a fat fuck. Almost like they're intentionally stoking a conspiracy theory. Maybe it is just SOP, I guess it doesn't come up very often.