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Trump transition knew Flynn might register as foreign agent

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    Originally posted by Beagleman View Post
    It's undoubtedly wrong to take money from foreign governments or corporations WHILE in a government position. It's almost certainly ethically wrong to have done so previously and then accept highly powerful government positions (whether illegal or not is certainly questionable). There is a reason why Obama insisted the Clinton's not accept foreign funds while she was Secretary of State. They ignored his demands but oh well. Flynn should never have been put in the position if he had accepted foreign money that could sway his positions and payments always sway positions.

    Just wondering, would it be unethical for a cabinet official to have a lobbying history for Bayer or other German companies or is it just limited to questionable countries like Turkey? For example if a cabinet level official had done lobbying for a German seed company, would that be morally ethical?
    There's a lot going on here. there's cabinet positions and then there's National Security Council positions. A German seed company? Ok I can see how say a Dept. Of Ag Secretary could have been an agent of such, and as long as they disclose it and still get Senate approval. Thing being a cabinet position doesn't necessarily risk national security or expose state secrets to a lying foreign agent.

    Flynn, of course, skipped the Senate and the President and Vice President simply placed him as NSA knowing about his entanglements. That seems like the kind of deliberate decision that should be impeachable. Its not a private email server, I'll give you that, but would think a paid foreign agent in a position to know the nation's most pressing intel and operations would be way way way way way way way way way worse.

    btw- this is the extent of the violation of the agreement between Obama and Clinton regarding foreign donations to the Foundation during her time as SoS:

    "Immediately following the devastating earthquake in Haiti on January 12, 2010, the Embassy of Algeria made an unsolicited donation of $500K to Clinton Foundation Haiti Relief fund. As the Clinton Foundation did with all donations it received for earthquake relief, the entire amount of Algeria's contribution was distributed as aid in Haiti," the statement said. "This donation was disclosed publicly on our website, however, the State Department should have also been formally informed. This was a one-time, specific donation to help Haiti and Algeria had not donated to the Clinton Foundation before and has not since."

    The Post noted Algeria's donation "coincided with a spike" in the country's efforts to lobby the State Department. During Clinton's time at the State Department, the agency was interested in Algeria due to reported human rights issues. The Post pointed out Clinton discussed the country in her 2014 memoir "Hard Choices" where she wrote that Algeria had a "poor human rights record," but was an ally in US efforts to fight terrorism.
    So I will give that this is a significant amount of money, but it didn't go to the Clintons and it wasn't a secret.