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Trolling Shia Lebouf Reaching epic levels..this is hilarious

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  • Trolling Shia Lebouf Reaching epic levels..this is hilarious

    This I do find pretty funny lol

    Cliff notes...Shia sets up his Trump won't divide us camera/webcast in NYC and he's driven out because too many trolls come and challenge him to assault them basically....then he moves it to Albequrque, New Mexico and same thing happens...someone eventually vandalizes his camera he declares he'll move the operation to an undisclosed location...he posts a pic of the "he will not divide us flag" and the 4chan sleuths start analyzing flight plans from the picture to triangulate his location...then he posts a pic on social media in Tennessee and it pretty much isolates where they need to look...then they find the "he will not divide us flag" and steal it and run up a Trump MAGA hat on the pole instead....that is quality trolling there
    Shia LaBeouf was hoping to livestream his protest of Donald Trump for four years. But trolls kept crashing the party. After having his "He Will Not Divide Us" exhibit shut down in both New York and Albuquerque, he moved it to an "undisclosed location" to keep it safe from trolls. But the trolls only said, "Challenge accepted."

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    I was just about to post this. I was laughing hysterically reading. Fucking awesome!


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      I would post a lol but hoover fucked that up too.


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        Thats fucking epic level trolling right there!


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