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Robert Mueller, Former F.B.I. Director, Named Special Counsel

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    Originally posted by stymiegreen View Post

    Makes you wonder why they "forgot" those communications ever happened then, eh? Makes you wonder what Flynn thought he needed immunity for too, eh?
    Nah, but Mueller may be the best thing to happen to Trump.


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      Originally posted by CHEEZY08 View Post
      So if this guy finds nothing substantial or worthy of OUTRAGE!!111!11!!!!!11! does that put Russia to bed in the Lefts eyes?
      You mean nothing further. There is already meat to Russiagate. Trump hired a compromised NSA and kept him in place after he must have known, not just after he should have known, until forced to act by leaks. Trump by his own admission fired Comey over it, and he leaked codeword intel to the Russkies apparently by accident, risking intelligence sharing worldwide. Even if nothing further comes up, the absolute best you can say is that he is demonstrating staggering incompetence.


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        Originally posted by biker View Post

        Nah, but Mueller may be the best thing to happen to Trump.
        Doubtful, Mueller puts America first.


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          Originally posted by on2muchcoffee View Post
          Too bad they don't do this more often with government scandals.
          This is the affliction Trump fell for. If you look particularly at the hyperbole with which every faux Clinton scandal was pitched over the years, you'd think politicians are basically waking around all day playing mafia boss. This is compounded for Trump by his affection for Putin and equating the US to Russia where government really is run as a mafia operation.

          Truth is the Clinton Foundation was on the up and up. Hillary was foolish to use a private email server but did not intend to subvert classification rules and definitely wasn't trying to put US intel at risk, and by all known accounts, this email server didn't expose any state secrets. She and Bill were honest, lifelong public servants keen on transparency to the point of exposing themselves too much. They actually lost to a guy that wouldn't release his tax returns or explain his many international entanglements, a guy that did run his own charitable foundation as a slush fund, and did pay off Attorneys General to avoid prosecution.

          So Trump came to his candidacy wth an impression that the best liar wins the election, that campaign promises are dust in the wind, and that when he took office it was probably just like The Godfather movies, where you bribe this guy and threaten that guy and maybe the CIA is your personal hit squad, and everyone is dirty and can be bought.

          So then he meets Yates, and subsequently Comey. They are serious and honest public servants. And he thinks he can intimidate or turn Comey, the director of the FBI, to look the other way from the crimes within his admin.

          What did Sessions tell him? Surely he asked Sessions to defend Flynn first, and Sessions said it was out of his hands, that the FBI under Comey was looking at Flynn, and Justice would be in a difficult position to refuse a reccomendation from them. So he turned his attention to Comey and continued playing his game. Now the President is finding out that the Fox narrative about how Presidents are all crooked and manipulate everything isn't accurate, much to his dismay.


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