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    Almost 100,000 refugees, mostly crossing the Mediterranean from Libya, have landed on Italys shores so far this year. In the last week of June alone, 10,000 more refugees arrived. Italy has been left entirely on its own to care for them. Instead of being helped, Italy finds itself constantly criticized for not doing enough. While 100,000 refugees have reached Italy, another 2,500 drowned while en route, and Italy is often criticized for not providing enough boats to prevent those drownings. Italy also receives criticism for not doing enough to care for the hundreds of thousands of refugees that the country is hosting.
    Just like in the US, refugees are big money for NGO's.

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    Yes clearly the whole refugee crisis is a plot by non profits to get money to spend on helping the refugees. Those dastardly aid workers in their ferraris, they've been taking lessons from the global global warming conspiracy.


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      Non-profit my ass. In the US it's a huge bidness. We're talking hundreds and hundreds of millions, or more.

      Yep. NGO's in the US are singing the blues. The supply of immigrant offal allowed into the US is drying up, and layoffs are on the horizon. Used to be our immigration policy required a guarantee that folks would be self sufficient. No we have "charities" earning a thousand a pop, plus maintenance fees, to help roll out the welcome wagon and make sure refugees and other immigrants know how to apply for what they're entitled to.


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        I hear Soros is paying a buck a head and a Ninja outfit.