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    I really want the Pats to win so we can end the "who did the greatest QB" discussion, but the Falcons are a nice story. For the first time in a while, I will be pretty good with whoever wins.

    Want a close game, but I think the Falcons are going to crush the Pats.


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      Ok we're less than a week away to SB 51 and time for deep thoughts.......

      Did you know 30 of the Pats 53 man roster did not play in SB 49, pretty impressive IMO.

      Former Patriot Rodney Harrison who lives in Atlanta is helping by providing plenty of bulletin board material from over confident Atlanta backers who claim Pats defense is overrated and no team is capable of stopping the Falcons.

      I think Atlanta's RB Devonta Freeman's claim that no one can stop us has unnecessarily put a target on his back much like the Eagles Freddie Mitchell.

      3 Pats secondary members (Ryan, Harmon, Butler) are motivated by acquiring big new contracts in 2017 if successful on Sunday.

      I keep reading about 24 touchdowns scored by Atlanta's RBs Freeman and Coleman but no one mentions the 23 scored by Blount and White.

      Pats RB Dion Lewis has never lost a game he has started for the Patriots (16-0).


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        Originally posted by beantown23 View Post
        If you want to make some easy money on Super Bowl LI, all you need to do is listen to Yowie the dog.

        Sure, it sounds completely crazy to take advice from a dog -- and it probably is -- but Yowie is a special dog, because he appears to know more about the NFL than any dog alive.

        For the past three weeks, Yowie has been predicting NFL playoff games and has gone 10-0. That's right, this dog is undefeated with his NFL playoff picks.

        To see Yowie's Super Bowl LI pick, you'll have to wait until Jan. 31.

        Shittttttttt, Yowie picked the Falcons to win the SB.


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          Dolphins fan, so I hate the Pats, and I live in Atlanta (metro).

          Go Falcons!


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            Originally posted by burn1dwn View Post
            Even with a scoreless 1st quarter it happened. Atlanta can't stop anyone but Aaron Rodgers.


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              Originally posted by IwasGunzen View Post
              Want a close game, but I think the Falcons are going to crush the Pats.


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                Originally posted by FSchmertz View Post
                Just figured I'd quote this for possible future humiliation.

                anything? crickets