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  • EPL

    Does anyone care about the English Premier League?
    I love getting a Bloody Mary and beer early on Sundays and watch some soccer.
    Whos your team?

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    Pittsburgh Steelers.

    My brother follows it here in Bermuda, a lot of people do. I haven't picked it up yet but probably will just through osmosis.


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      Originally posted by Richard Cabesa View Post
      Whos your team?


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        Hell. I have watched and followed Sunderland for the past few years. Now they get dropped back to the minors.
        Hotspur it is this year.


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          I've never been able to get behind soccer. I just don't see the appeal.


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            Don't have a favorite - just like watching the game and elite players. Soccer is my #2 sport to watch and has been for many years.
            Can't get into Mexican soccer and MLS is the minor leagues. Watch as much Bundesliga as I do EPL. Growing up, Bundesliga was on the PBS station and growing up Catholic EVERYONE played soccer in St Louis. Look up the history of St Louis University soccer if you want a clue. From grade 1-8th - you played soccer every day at recess unless the field was closed for mud.

            One of my pet peeves about ESPN and soccer - Ian Darke is annoying as fuck. The only other announcer I dislike at all is Joe Tessitore and he's 1/5th as annoying as Darke. .
            Wish Hope Solo would come back to the women's national team.


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              Steelers!! Has AB come back yet?